Class CachedFileDataSource

  extended by javax.activation.FileDataSource
      extended by org.apache.axiom.attachments.CachedFileDataSource
All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSource, SizeAwareDataSource

public class CachedFileDataSource
extends FileDataSource
implements SizeAwareDataSource

Constructor Summary
CachedFileDataSource(File file)
Method Summary
 String getContentType()
 long getSize()
          Get the size of the data source.
 void setContentType(String contentType)
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Methods inherited from interface javax.activation.DataSource
getInputStream, getName, getOutputStream

Constructor Detail


public CachedFileDataSource(File file)
Method Detail


public String getContentType()
Specified by:
getContentType in interface DataSource
getContentType in class FileDataSource


public void setContentType(String contentType)


public long getSize()
Description copied from interface: SizeAwareDataSource
Get the size of the data source. Implementations must return the number of bytes that can be read from the input stream returned by DataSource.getInputStream() before reaching the end of the stream. If the implementation is unable to determine the size, it must return -1.

Specified by:
getSize in interface SizeAwareDataSource
the size of the data source or -1 if the size is not known

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