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Packages that use Attr

Uses of Attr in org.apache.axiom.c14n.helpers

Methods in org.apache.axiom.c14n.helpers with parameters of type Attr
static void C14nHelper.assertNotRelativeNS(Attr attr)
          This method throws an exception if the Attribute value contains a relative URI.
static boolean C14nHelper.namespaceIsAbsolute(Attr namespace)
          Method namespaceIsAbsolute
static boolean C14nHelper.namespaceIsRelative(Attr namespace)
          Method namespaceIsRelative

Uses of Attr in org.apache.axiom.c14n.impl

Fields in org.apache.axiom.c14n.impl declared as Attr
protected static Attr CanonicalizerBase.nullNode

Methods in org.apache.axiom.c14n.impl that return Attr
 Attr NameSpaceSymbTable.getMapping(String prefix)
          Gets the attribute node that defines the binding for the prefix.
 Attr NameSpaceSymbTable.getMappingWithoutRendered(String prefix)
          Gets a definition without mark it as render.

Methods in org.apache.axiom.c14n.impl with parameters of type Attr
 boolean NameSpaceSymbTable.addMapping(String prefix, String uri, Attr n)
          Adds the mapping for a prefix.
 Node NameSpaceSymbTable.addMappingAndRender(String prefix, String uri, Attr n)
          Adds a definition and mark it as render.

Uses of Attr in org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper

Classes in org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper that implement Attr
 class AttrImpl

Uses of Attr in org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper.factory

Methods in org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper.factory that return Attr
 Attr WrapperFactory.getAttribute(Object o, OMElement parent)

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