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Packages that use OMSourcedElement Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API. 

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Methods in that return OMSourcedElement
 OMSourcedElement OMFactory.createOMElement(OMDataSource source)
          Create a sourced element.
 OMSourcedElement OMFactory.createOMElement(OMDataSource source, QName qname)
          Create a sourced element with a known local name, namespace URI and namespace prefix.
 OMSourcedElement OMFactory.createOMElement(OMDataSource source, String localName, OMNamespace ns)
          Create a sourced element with a known local name and namespace URI.

Uses of OMSourcedElement in org.apache.axiom.soap

Subinterfaces of OMSourcedElement in org.apache.axiom.soap
 interface SOAPHeaderBlock
          An object representing the contents in the SOAP header part of the SOAP envelope.

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Fields in declared as OMSourcedElement
protected  OMSourcedElement OMSourcedElementTest.element

Methods in that return OMSourcedElement
abstract  OMSourcedElement OMSourcedElementVariant.createOMSourcedElement(OMFactory factory, QName qname)

Methods in with parameters of type OMSourcedElement
protected  void TestGetPrefix.runTest(OMSourcedElement element)
protected  void TestGetNamespaceURI.runTest(OMSourcedElement element)
protected  void TestGetNamespace.runTest(OMSourcedElement element)
protected  void TestGetLocalName.runTest(OMSourcedElement element)
protected abstract  void LazyNameTestCase.runTest(OMSourcedElement element)

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