Interface OMContainerEx

All Superinterfaces:
OMContainer, OMInformationItem, OMSerializable
All Known Subinterfaces:

public interface OMContainerEx
extends OMContainer

Interface that is used internally by Axiom and that should not be considered being part of the public API.

Method Summary
 void addChild(OMNode omNode, boolean fromBuilder)
 void discarded()
 void setComplete(boolean state)
Methods inherited from interface
addChild, getBuilder, getChildren, getChildrenWithLocalName, getChildrenWithName, getChildrenWithNamespaceURI, getDescendants, getFirstChildWithName, getFirstOMChild, getSAXSource, getXMLStreamReader, getXMLStreamReader, getXMLStreamReader, getXMLStreamReaderWithoutCaching, removeChildren, serialize, serialize, serialize, serialize, serializeAndConsume, serializeAndConsume, serializeAndConsume, serializeAndConsume
Methods inherited from interface
build, close, isComplete, serialize, serialize, serializeAndConsume
Methods inherited from interface
clone, getOMFactory

Method Detail


void setComplete(boolean state)


void discarded()


void addChild(OMNode omNode,
              boolean fromBuilder)

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