Interface OMElementEx

All Superinterfaces:
OMContainer, OMContainerEx, OMElement, OMInformationItem, OMNamedInformationItem, OMNode, OMNodeEx, OMSerializable

public interface OMElementEx
extends OMElement, OMNodeEx, OMContainerEx

Interface that is used internally by Axiom and that should not be considered being part of the public API.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 OMNamespace addNamespaceDeclaration(String uri, String prefix)
          Adds a namespace declaration without doing any additional checks.
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Method Detail


OMNamespace addNamespaceDeclaration(String uri,
                                    String prefix)
Adds a namespace declaration without doing any additional checks. This method is used internally by the builder (which can safely assume that the data received from the parser is well formed with respect to namespaces).

In contrast to OMElement.declareNamespace(String, String) this method can be used to declare the default namespace.

uri - the namespace to declare; must not be null
prefix - the prefix to associate with the given namespace; must not be null
the created namespace information item

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