Class OMQNameFilterIterator

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public class OMQNameFilterIterator
extends OMFilterIterator

Iterator that selects elements based on QName equality, i.e. namespace URI and local name. Namespace prefixes are not taken into account by the filter.

Constructor Summary
OMQNameFilterIterator(Iterator parent, QName qname)
Method Summary
protected  boolean matches(OMNode node)
          Determine whether the given node matches the filter criteria.
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Constructor Detail


public OMQNameFilterIterator(Iterator parent,
                             QName qname)
Method Detail


protected boolean matches(OMNode node)
Description copied from class: OMFilterIterator
Determine whether the given node matches the filter criteria.

Specified by:
matches in class OMFilterIterator
node - the node to test
true if the node matches, i.e. if it should be returned by a call to

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