Uses of Interface

Packages that use SOAPFaultRole

Uses of SOAPFaultRole in org.apache.axiom.soap

Methods in org.apache.axiom.soap that return SOAPFaultRole
 SOAPFaultRole SOAPFactory.createSOAPFaultRole()
 SOAPFaultRole SOAPFactory.createSOAPFaultRole(SOAPFault parent)
          Role eii under SOAPFault (parent)
 SOAPFaultRole SOAPFault.getRole()

Methods in org.apache.axiom.soap with parameters of type SOAPFaultRole
 void SOAPFault.setRole(SOAPFaultRole role)
          SOAPFaultRoleImpl is an optional item in a Fault, in SOAP 1.2 specification

Uses of SOAPFaultRole in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder

Methods in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder that return SOAPFaultRole
 SOAPFaultRole SOAPFactoryEx.createSOAPFaultRole(SOAPFault parent, OMXMLParserWrapper builder)
          Role eii under SOAPFault (parent)

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