Uses of Interface

Packages that use SOAPVersion

Uses of SOAPVersion in org.apache.axiom.soap

Classes in org.apache.axiom.soap that implement SOAPVersion
 class SOAP11Version
          Version-specific stuff for SOAP 1.1
 class SOAP12Version
          Version-specific stuff for SOAP 1.2

Methods in org.apache.axiom.soap that return SOAPVersion
 SOAPVersion SOAPFactory.getSOAPVersion()
 SOAPVersion SOAPHeaderBlock.getVersion()
          What SOAP version is this HeaderBlock?
 SOAPVersion SOAPEnvelope.getVersion()

Uses of SOAPVersion in org.apache.axiom.ts.soap

Methods in org.apache.axiom.ts.soap that return SOAPVersion
 SOAPVersion SOAPSpec.getVersion()

Constructors in org.apache.axiom.ts.soap with parameters of type SOAPVersion
SOAPSpec(SOAPVersion version)

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