Interface OMMetaFactoryEx

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public interface OMMetaFactoryEx
extends OMMetaFactory

Interface that is used internally by Axiom and that should not be considered being part of the public API.

Method Summary
 SOAPMessage createSOAPMessage(OMXMLParserWrapper builder)
          Create a SOAPMessage not linked to a particular SOAPFactory.
Methods inherited from interface
createOMBuilder, createOMBuilder, createOMBuilder, createOMBuilder, createOMBuilder, createSOAPModelBuilder, createSOAPModelBuilder, createStAXOMBuilder, createStAXSOAPModelBuilder, getOMFactory, getSOAP11Factory, getSOAP12Factory

Method Detail


SOAPMessage createSOAPMessage(OMXMLParserWrapper builder)
Create a SOAPMessage not linked to a particular SOAPFactory. The returned SOAPMessage instance is expected to resolve the SOAPFactory lazily using a call to StAXSOAPModelBuilder.getSOAPFactory().

builder - the builder
the newly created SOAPMessage instance

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