Class Summary
NamespaceDeclarationFilter XMLStreamReader wrapper that filters out all namespace declarations.
TestCreateOMBuilderFromDOMElement Tests that OMXMLBuilderFactory.createOMBuilder(Node, boolean) can be used to create a builder from an Element and that the resulting Axiom tree corresponds to a the subtree defined by that element.
TestCreateStAXOMBuilderFromFragment Tests the behavior of OMXMLBuilderFactory.createStAXOMBuilder(OMFactory, XMLStreamReader) if the supplied XMLStreamReader is positioned on a XMLStreamConstants.START_ELEMENT event.
TestCreateStAXOMBuilderIncorrectState Tests that OMXMLBuilderFactory.createStAXOMBuilder(OMFactory, XMLStreamReader) throws an exception if the supplied XMLStreamReader is not positioned on a XMLStreamConstants.START_DOCUMENT or XMLStreamConstants.END_DOCUMENT event.
TestCreateStAXOMBuilderNamespaceRepairing Tests that OMMetaFactory.createStAXOMBuilder(OMFactory, XMLStreamReader) performs namespace repairing.
TestCreateStAXOMBuilderNamespaceRepairing2 Tests that OMMetaFactory.createStAXOMBuilder(OMFactory, XMLStreamReader) correctly performs namespace repairing in cases where a namespace declaration of the form xmlns="" is required.
TestGetDocumentElement Tests the behavior of OMXMLParserWrapper.getDocumentElement().
TestGetDocumentElementWithDiscardDocument Tests the behavior of OMXMLParserWrapper.getDocumentElement(boolean) with discardDocument set to true.
TestGetDocumentElementWithIllFormedDocument Tests that OMXMLParserWrapper.getDocumentElement() throws an exception (instead of returning null) if the input document has no document element.
TestIOExceptionInGetText Test the behavior of the builder when an exception is thrown by XMLStreamReader.getText().
TestNextBeforeGetDocumentElement Tests that the builder works correctly if is called before OMXMLParserWrapper.getDocumentElement().
TestReadAttachmentBeforeRootPartComplete Tests that the content of the root part of an XOP message is buffered, i.e. that an attachment part can be accessed before the object model for the root part has been built completely.
TestRootPartStreaming Tests that the content of the root part of an XOP/MTOM message is not buffered (i.e. read entirely into memory) unless an attachment part is accessed.
TestStandaloneConfiguration Tests the behavior of OMXMLBuilderFactory.createOMBuilder(StAXParserConfiguration, InputStream) with StAXParserConfiguration.STANDALONE.

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