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static BuilderFactory BuilderFactory.DOM
          Creates an OMXMLParserWrapper by parsing the input using DOM and passing it as a DOM tree to Axiom.
static BuilderFactory BuilderFactory.PARSER
          Creates an OMXMLParserWrapper directly from the given InputSource, i.e. let instantiate an appropriate parser.
static BuilderFactory BuilderFactory.SAX
          Creates an OMXMLParserWrapper by passing a SAXSource to Axiom.

Constructors in with parameters of type BuilderFactory
TestGetXMLStreamReader(OMMetaFactory metaFactory, org.apache.axiom.testutils.conformance.ConformanceTestFile file, BuilderFactory builderFactory, OMContainerFactory containerFactory, boolean cache)

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Constructors in with parameters of type BuilderFactory
TestGetXMLStreamReaderCommentEvent(OMMetaFactory metaFactory, BuilderFactory builderFactory, boolean cache)
TestGetXMLStreamReaderGetElementTextFromParser(OMMetaFactory metaFactory, BuilderFactory builderFactory, boolean cache)

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