Class OMDOMTestSuiteBuilder

  extended by org.apache.axiom.testutils.suite.TestSuiteBuilder
      extended by org.apache.axiom.ts.omdom.OMDOMTestSuiteBuilder

public class OMDOMTestSuiteBuilder
extends org.apache.axiom.testutils.suite.TestSuiteBuilder

Builds a test suite for Axiom implementations that also implement DOM. Note that this test suite only contains tests that depend on Axiom specific features. Pure DOM tests (that are executable with a standard DOM implementation) should go to DOMTestSuiteBuilder.

Constructor Summary
OMDOMTestSuiteBuilder(DOMMetaFactory metaFactory)
Method Summary
protected  void addTests()
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Constructor Detail


public OMDOMTestSuiteBuilder(DOMMetaFactory metaFactory)
Method Detail


protected void addTests()
Specified by:
addTests in class org.apache.axiom.testutils.suite.TestSuiteBuilder

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