Class DataSourceUtils

  extended by org.apache.axiom.util.activation.DataSourceUtils

public class DataSourceUtils
extends Object

Contains utility methods to work with DataSource objects.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static long getSize(DataSource ds)
          Determine the size of the data represented by a DataSource object.
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Constructor Detail


public DataSourceUtils()
Method Detail


public static long getSize(DataSource ds)
Determine the size of the data represented by a DataSource object. The method will try to determine the size without reading the data source. It will do so by looking for the SizeAwareDataSource interface. In addition, it supports some other well known data source implementations for which it is possible to get the size of the data without reading it.

As noted in the documentation of the SizeAwareDataSource, the returned value may be an estimation that is not 100% accurate, and code using this method must be prepared to receive more or less data from the data source.

ds - the data source
(an estimation of) the size of the data or -1 if the size is unknown

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