Package org.apache.axiom.util.stax.xop

Contains classes to encode and decode XOP infosets.


Interface Summary
ContentIDGenerator Content ID generator interface.
MimePartProvider Interface used by XOPDecodingStreamReader to load MIME parts referenced by xop:Include elements.
OptimizationPolicy Encapsulates an algorithm that decides whether base64 encoded binary data should be optimized using XOP.

Class Summary
XOPDecodingStreamReader XMLStreamReader wrapper that decodes XOP.
XOPDecodingStreamWriter XMLStreamWriter wrapper that decodes XOP.
XOPEncodedStream Represents an XOP encoded stream.
XOPEncodingStreamReader XMLStreamReader wrapper that encodes XOP.
XOPEncodingStreamWrapper Base class for XOPEncodingStreamReader and XOPEncodingStreamWriter.
XOPEncodingStreamWriter XMLStreamWriter wrapper that encodes XOP.
XOPUtils Contains utility methods related to XOP.

Package org.apache.axiom.util.stax.xop Description

Contains classes to encode and decode XOP infosets.

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