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 * "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package org.apache.axiom.core;

 * {@link AttributeMatcher} implementation that matches attributes based on their namespace URI and
 * local name. Parameters are defined as follows:
 * <dl>
 * <dt><code>namespaceURI</code>
 * <dd>The namespace URI of the attribute.
 * <dt><code>name</code>
 * <dd>The local name of the attribute.
 * <dt><code>value</code>
 * <dd>The attribute value.
 * <dt><code>prefix</code>
 * <dd>The prefix to be used when creating a new attribute or updating an existing one.
 * </dl>
 * If the namespace URI is the empty string, then this class will also match namespace unaware
 * attributes. Note that the class doesn't match namespace declarations (for which
 * {@link NamespaceDeclarationMatcher} can be used).
public final class NSAwareAttributeMatcher implements AttributeMatcher {
    private final Semantics semantics;
    private final boolean matchNSUnawareAttributes;
    private final boolean updatePrefix;
     * Constructor.
     * @param semantics
     *            Specifies the {@link Semantics} to be used by
     *            {@link #update(CoreAttribute, String, String)}.
     * @param matchNSUnawareAttributes
     *            Specifies if {@link CoreNSUnawareAttribute} instances can also be matched. Only
     *            applies to the case where <code>namespaceURI</code> is the empty string.
     * @param updatePrefix
     *            Specifies if the prefix of an existing attribute should be updated (based on the
     *            value of the <code>prefix</code> parameter. If this is <code>false</code>, then
     *            <code>prefix</code> is only used when creating new attributes and prefixes of
     *            existing attributes are preserved (i.e. only their value is updated).
    public NSAwareAttributeMatcher(Semantics semantics, boolean matchNSUnawareAttributes,
            boolean updatePrefix) {
        this.semantics = semantics;
        this.matchNSUnawareAttributes = matchNSUnawareAttributes;
        this.updatePrefix = updatePrefix;
    public boolean matches(CoreAttribute attr, String namespaceURI, String name) {
        if (attr instanceof CoreNSAwareAttribute) {
            CoreNSAwareAttribute nsAwareAttr = (CoreNSAwareAttribute)attr;
            // Optimization: first compare the local names because they are in general
            // shorter and have higher "uniqueness"
            return name.equals(nsAwareAttr.coreGetLocalName())
                    && namespaceURI.equals(nsAwareAttr.coreGetNamespaceURI());
        } else if (matchNSUnawareAttributes && namespaceURI.length() == 0 && attr instanceof CoreNSUnawareAttribute) {
            return name.equals(((CoreNSUnawareAttribute)attr).coreGetName());
        } else {
            return false;

    public String getNamespaceURI(CoreAttribute attr) {
        return ((CoreNSAwareAttribute)attr).coreGetNamespaceURI();

    public String getName(CoreAttribute attr) {
        return ((CoreNSAwareAttribute)attr).coreGetLocalName();

    public CoreAttribute createAttribute(CoreElement element, String namespaceURI, String name, String prefix, String value) {
        CoreNSAwareAttribute attr = element.coreCreateNode(CoreNSAwareAttribute.class);
        attr.coreSetName(namespaceURI, name, prefix);
        attr.coreSetCharacterData(value, null);
        return attr;

    public void update(CoreAttribute attr, String prefix, String value) {
        attr.coreSetCharacterData(value, semantics);
        if (updatePrefix && attr instanceof CoreNSAwareAttribute) {