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public class Behavior {
    // An OMDataSource must communicate whether the data source is
    // can be queried without destruction.  OM makes decisions about
    // caching (etc) based on whether the data source query is 
    // destructive or not destructive.
    // The Behavior flag indicates the Behavior of this OMDataSource
    //    Indicates that the backing data can only be read one time.
    //    AFFECT ON OM:
    //    The OM tree will automatically make a OM cache of the 
    //    the tree
    //    Indicates that the data may be queried multiple times.
    //    The InputStream's data is either copied or marks are used to
    //    allow the data to be read again.
    //    AFFECT ON OM:
    //    The OM tree will not automatically make a OM cache of the tree.
    //    Indicates that the data may be queried only one time.  The
    //    second query will cause an immediate failure.  This is an unsafe
    //    mode because it violates the OM contract.  The implementation of 
    //    this mode is done by lying to the OM model.  We tell it that the 
    //    data is not destructive, and yet we don't make a copy.
    public static final int DESTRUCTIVE = 0;
    public static final int NOT_DESTRUCTIVE = 1;
    public static final int ONE_USE_UNSAFE = 2;