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import javax.xml.namespace.QName;

 * Iterate over elements with the QName that uses the 
 * legacy algorithm.  This iterator is only retained for migrating
 * some existing customers that have a dependency on the old algorithm
 * @deprecated
public class OMChildrenLegacyQNameIterator extends OMChildrenQNameIterator {

    public OMChildrenLegacyQNameIterator(OMNode currentChild, QName qName) {
        super(currentChild, qName);

     * This version of equals returns true if the local parts match.
     * @param searchQName
     * @param currentQName
     * @return true if equals
    public boolean isEqual(QName searchQName, QName currentQName) {
        // if the given localname is null, whatever value this.qname has, its a match. 
        // But can one give a QName without a localName ??
        String localPart = searchQName.getLocalPart();
        boolean localNameMatch =(localPart == null) || (localPart.equals("")) ||
            ((currentQName != null) && currentQName.getLocalPart().equals(localPart));
        String namespaceURI = searchQName.getNamespaceURI();
        boolean namespaceURIMatch = (namespaceURI.equals(""))||
            ((currentQName != null) && currentQName.getNamespaceURI().equals(namespaceURI));
        return localNameMatch && namespaceURIMatch;