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import javax.xml.namespace.NamespaceContext;

 * Defines additional configuration options for
 * {@link OMContainer#getXMLStreamReader(boolean, OMXMLStreamReaderConfiguration)}.
public class OMXMLStreamReaderConfiguration {
    private boolean preserveNamespaceContext;
    private boolean namespaceURIInterning;

     * Determine whether strict namespace preservation is enabled. See
     * {@link #setPreserveNamespaceContext(boolean)} for more information about this option.
     * @return the current value of this option
    public boolean isPreserveNamespaceContext() {
        return preserveNamespaceContext;

     * Specify whether the namespace context determined by the ancestors of the element should be
     * preserved. This option only applies to {@link OMElement} instances and is disabled by
     * default.
     * <p>
     * When this option is enabled, the {@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceCount()},
     * {@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespacePrefix(int)} and
     * {@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceURI(int)} will report additional namespace declarations
     * for the {@link XMLStreamConstants#START_ELEMENT} event corresponding to the element on which
     * this method is called, i.e. the root element of the resulting stream. These namespace
     * declarations correspond to namespaces declared by the ancestors of the element and that are
     * visible in the context of the element.
     * <p>
     * More precisely, if this option is enabled, then the namespace declarations reported for the
     * first {@link XMLStreamConstants#START_ELEMENT} event in the returned stream will be the same
     * as the declarations that would be returned by {@link OMElement#getNamespacesInScope()}, with
     * the exception that a <tt>xmlns=""</tt> declaration present on the element will be preserved.
     * <p>
     * This feature is useful for code that relies on the namespace declarations reported by the
     * {@link XMLStreamReader} to reconstruct the namespace context (instead of using the namespace
     * context provided by {@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceContext()}). An example helps to
     * illustrate how this works. Consider the following XML message:
     * <pre>
     * &lt;soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
     *                   xmlns:xsd=""
     *                   xmlns:xsi=""&gt;
     *   &lt;soapenv:Body&gt;
     *     &lt;ns:echo xmlns:ns="urn:test"&gt;
     *       &lt;in xsi:type="xsd:string"&gt;test&lt;/in&gt;
     *     &lt;/ns:echo&gt;
     *   &lt;/soapenv:Body&gt;
     * &lt;/soapenv:Envelope&gt;
     * </pre>
     * <p>
     * When {@link OMContainer#getXMLStreamReader(boolean)} is invoked on the {@link OMElement}
     * corresponding to <tt>ns:echo</tt>, only the namespace declaration for the <tt>ns</tt> prefix
     * will be reported. This may cause a problem when the caller attempts to resolve the QName
     * value <tt>xsd:string</tt> of the <tt>xsi:type</tt> attribute. If namespace context
     * preservation is enabled, then the {@link XMLStreamReader} returned by this method will
     * generate additional namespace declarations for the <tt>soapenv</tt>, <tt>xsd</tt> and
     * <tt>xsi</tt> prefixes. They are reported for the {@link XMLStreamConstants#START_ELEMENT}
     * event representing the <tt>ns:echo</tt> element.
     * @param preserveNamespaceContext
     *            the value to set for this option
    public void setPreserveNamespaceContext(boolean preserveNamespaceContext) {
        this.preserveNamespaceContext = preserveNamespaceContext;

     * Determine whether namespace URIs returned by the {@link XMLStreamReader} should be interned.
     * @return the current value of this option
    public boolean isNamespaceURIInterning() {
        return namespaceURIInterning;

     * Specify whether namespace URIs returned by the {@link XMLStreamReader} should be interned.
     * This applies to the return values of the following methods:
     * <ul>
     * <li>{@link XMLStreamReader#getAttributeNamespace(int)}
     * <li>{@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceURI()}
     * <li>{@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceURI(int)}
     * <li>{@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceURI(String)}
     * <li>{@link NamespaceContext#getNamespaceURI(String)} of the {@link NamespaceContext} instance
     * returned by {@link XMLStreamReader#getNamespaceContext()}
     * </ul>
     * @param namespaceURIInterning
     *            the value to set for this option
     * @see String#intern()
    public void setNamespaceURIInterning(boolean namespaceURIInterning) {
        this.namespaceURIInterning = namespaceURIInterning;