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 * "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package org.apache.axiom.util.stax.dialect;


import javax.xml.transform.Source;

import org.apache.axiom.util.stax.wrapper.XMLInputFactoryWrapper;

class BEAInputFactoryWrapper extends XMLInputFactoryWrapper {
    public BEAInputFactoryWrapper(XMLInputFactory parent) {

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(InputStream stream) throws XMLStreamException {
        return createXMLStreamReader(null, stream);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(String systemId, InputStream stream)
            throws XMLStreamException {
        // The getEncoding() method of the stream reader produced by the reference implementation
        // doesn't return complete information about the effective encoding. To work around this,
        // we need to implement the detection algorithm described in Appendix F.1 of the
        // XML 1.0 specifications (Fifth Edition). Note that the encoding determined here may be
        // overridden by the XML encoding declaration, if present in the XML document. This
        // information is already available from the stream reader, so that we don't need to
        // reimplement this part.
        // TODO: this needs some more unit testing!
        EncodingDetectionHelper helper = new EncodingDetectionHelper(stream);
        stream = helper.getInputStream();
        String encoding = helper.detectEncoding();
        XMLStreamReader reader;
        if (systemId == null) {
            reader = super.createXMLStreamReader(stream);
        } else {
            reader = super.createXMLStreamReader(systemId, stream);
        return new BEAStreamReaderWrapper(reader, encoding);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(InputStream stream, String encoding)
            throws XMLStreamException {
        return new BEAStreamReaderWrapper(super.createXMLStreamReader(stream, encoding), null);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(Reader reader) throws XMLStreamException {
        return new BEAStreamReaderWrapper(super.createXMLStreamReader(reader), null);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(Source source) throws XMLStreamException {
        return new BEAStreamReaderWrapper(super.createXMLStreamReader(source), null);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(String systemId, Reader reader)
            throws XMLStreamException {
        return new BEAStreamReaderWrapper(super.createXMLStreamReader(systemId, reader), null);