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package org.apache.axiom.util.stax.dialect;

import java.util.Iterator;

import javax.xml.namespace.NamespaceContext;

import org.apache.axiom.util.namespace.AbstractNamespaceContext;

 * {@link NamespaceContext} wrapper that adds support for the implicit namespace
 * bindings for the <tt>xml</tt> and <tt>xmlns</tt> prefixes. This wrapper may
 * be used to fix the behavior of broken {@link NamespaceContext}
 * implementations.
class ImplicitNamespaceContextWrapper extends AbstractNamespaceContext {
    private final NamespaceContext parent;
    public ImplicitNamespaceContextWrapper(NamespaceContext parent) {
        this.parent = parent;

    protected String doGetNamespaceURI(String prefix) {
        return parent.getNamespaceURI(prefix);
    protected String doGetPrefix(String namespaceURI) {
        return parent.getPrefix(namespaceURI);

    protected Iterator doGetPrefixes(String namespaceURI) {
        return parent.getPrefixes(namespaceURI);