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 * "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package org.apache.axiom.util.stax.dialect;

import java.io.InputStream;

import javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory;
import javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamException;
import javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamReader;

class XLXPInputFactoryWrapper extends NormalizingXMLInputFactoryWrapper {
    public XLXPInputFactoryWrapper(XMLInputFactory parent, AbstractStAXDialect dialect) {
        super(parent, dialect);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(InputStream stream) throws XMLStreamException {
        return createXMLStreamReader(null, stream);

    public XMLStreamReader createXMLStreamReader(String systemId, InputStream stream)
            throws XMLStreamException {
        // Both versions of XLXP have issues with documents using UTF-16 without byte
        // order markers, although this type of document is explicitly supported by the XML
        // specification:
        // * XLXP parses the document, XMLStreamReader#getEncoding incorrectly reports
        //   UTF-8 as the detected encoding. 
        // * XLXP2 simply fails on UTF-16 documents without BOM.
        EncodingDetectionHelper helper = new EncodingDetectionHelper(stream);
        stream = helper.getInputStream();
        String encoding = helper.detectEncoding();
        if (encoding.startsWith("UTF-16")) {
            if (systemId == null) {
                return super.createXMLStreamReader(stream, encoding);
            } else {
                // Here we have an issue because it is not possible to specify the
                // systemId and the encoding at the same time...
                return super.createXMLStreamReader(systemId, stream);
        } else {
            if (systemId == null) {
                return super.createXMLStreamReader(stream);
            } else {
                return super.createXMLStreamReader(systemId, stream);