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package org.apache.axiom.util.stax.xop;

import javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamReader;

 * Represents an XOP encoded stream. Since an XOP message is a MIME package with
 * a root part in XML and a set of additional (binary) parts referenced from
 * the main part, this class encapsulates an {@link XMLStreamReader}
 * representing the main part and a {@link MimePartProvider} giving access to
 * the attachments. Instances of this class can be obtained from
 * {@link XOPUtils#getXOPEncodedStream(XMLStreamReader)}.
public class XOPEncodedStream {
    private final XMLStreamReader reader;
    private final MimePartProvider mimePartProvider;
    XOPEncodedStream(XMLStreamReader reader, MimePartProvider mimePartProvider) {
        this.reader = reader;
        this.mimePartProvider = mimePartProvider;

     * Get the stream reader for the main part of the XOP message.
     * @return the stream reader for the main part
    public XMLStreamReader getReader() {
        return reader;

     * Get the provider object for the additional MIME parts referenced by the
     * main part.
     * @return the MIME part provider
    public MimePartProvider getMimePartProvider() {
        return mimePartProvider;