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 class XmlSchemaEnumerationFacet
          Class for defining enumeration facets.
 class XmlSchemaFractionDigitsFacet
          Class for defining fractionDigits facets.
 class XmlSchemaLengthFacet
          Class for defining length facets.
 class XmlSchemaMaxExclusiveFacet
          Class for defining maxExclusive facets.
 class XmlSchemaMaxInclusiveFacet
          Class for defining maxInclusive facets.
 class XmlSchemaMaxLengthFacet
          Class for defining maxLength facets.
 class XmlSchemaMinExclusiveFacet
          Class for defining minExclusive facets.
 class XmlSchemaMinInclusiveFacet
          Class for defining minInclusive facets.
 class XmlSchemaMinLengthFacet
          Class for defining minLength facets.
 class XmlSchemaNumericFacet
          Abstract class for defining numeric facets.
 class XmlSchemaPatternFacet
          Class for defining pattern facets.
 class XmlSchemaTotalDigitsFacet
          Class for defining totalDigits facets.
 class XmlSchemaWhiteSpaceFacet
          Class for defining whiteSpace facets.

Methods in that return XmlSchemaFacet
static XmlSchemaFacet XmlSchemaFacet.construct(org.w3c.dom.Element el)

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