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 class XmlSchemaAll
          Permits the elements in the group to appear (or not appear) in any order in the containing element.
 class XmlSchemaAny
          Enables any element from the specified namespace or namespaces to appear in the containing complexType element.
 class XmlSchemaChoice
          Allows only one of its children to appear in an instance.
 class XmlSchemaElement
          Class for elements.
 class XmlSchemaGroupBase
          An abstract class for XmlSchemaChoice, XmlSchemaAll, or XmlSchemaSequence.
 class XmlSchemaGroupRef
          Class used within complex types that defines the reference to groups defined at the schema level.
 class XmlSchemaSequence
          Requires the elements in the group to appear in the specified sequence within the containing element.

Methods in that return XmlSchemaParticle
 XmlSchemaParticle XmlSchemaComplexType.getContentTypeParticle()
 XmlSchemaParticle XmlSchemaComplexType.getParticle()
 XmlSchemaParticle XmlSchemaComplexContentRestriction.getParticle()
 XmlSchemaParticle XmlSchemaComplexContentExtension.getParticle()

Methods in with parameters of type XmlSchemaParticle
 void XmlSchemaComplexType.setParticle(XmlSchemaParticle particle)
 void XmlSchemaComplexContentRestriction.setParticle(XmlSchemaParticle particle)
 void XmlSchemaComplexContentExtension.setParticle(XmlSchemaParticle particle)

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