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 class XmlSchemaComplexType
          Class for complex types.
 class XmlSchemaSimpleType
          Class defines a simple type that determines the information and constraints for the values of attributes or elements with text-only content.

Methods in that return XmlSchemaType
 XmlSchemaType XmlSchemaElement.getSchemaType()
 XmlSchemaType XmlSchema.getTypeByName(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
          Search this schema and all the imported/included ones for the given Qname
protected  XmlSchemaType XmlSchema.getTypeByName(javax.xml.namespace.QName name, boolean deep, Stack schemaStack)
          Protected method that allows safe (non-recursive schema loading).
 XmlSchemaType XmlSchema.getTypeByName(String name)
          Search this schema for a type by qname.
 XmlSchemaType XmlSchemaCollection.getTypeByQName(javax.xml.namespace.QName schemaTypeName)
          Retrieve a global type from the schema collection.

Methods in with parameters of type XmlSchemaType
 void XmlSchema.addType(XmlSchemaType type)
 void XmlSchemaElement.setSchemaType(XmlSchemaType schemaType)
 void XmlSchemaElement.setType(XmlSchemaType type)
 void TypeReceiver.setType(XmlSchemaType type)

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