Interface ExtensionDeserializer

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public interface ExtensionDeserializer

Interface for the extension deserializer. The purpose of an instance of this is to deserialize the relevant attribute/element and perhaps generate a desired custom object. This custom object can be stored in the metadata map of the parent schema object. When to invoke a given deserializer is a decision taken by the extension registry

Method Summary
 void deserialize(XmlSchemaObject schemaObject, javax.xml.namespace.QName name, org.w3c.dom.Node domNode)
          deserialize the given element

Method Detail


void deserialize(XmlSchemaObject schemaObject,
                 javax.xml.namespace.QName name,
                 org.w3c.dom.Node domNode)
deserialize the given element

schemaObject - - Parent schema element
name - - the QName of the element/attribute to be deserialized. in the case where a deserializer is used to handle multiple elements/attributes this may be useful to determine the correct deserialization
domNode - - the raw DOM Node read from the source. This will be the extension element itself if for an element or the extension attribute object if it is an attribute

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