Interface Summary
TypeReceiver A TypeReceiver is something that can have its type set.

Class Summary
XmlSchema Contains the definition of a schema.
XmlSchemaAll Permits the elements in the group to appear (or not appear) in any order in the containing element.
XmlSchemaAnnotated The base class for any element that can contain annotation elements.
XmlSchemaAnnotation Defines an annotation.
XmlSchemaAny Enables any element from the specified namespace or namespaces to appear in the containing complexType element.
XmlSchemaAnyAttribute Enables any attribute from the specified namespace or namespaces to appear in the containing complexType element.
XmlSchemaAppInfo Defines application specific information within an annotation.
XmlSchemaAttribute Class for attribute types.
XmlSchemaAttributeGroup Class for attribute groups.
XmlSchemaAttributeGroupRef Class for the attribute group reference.
XmlSchemaChoice Allows only one of its children to appear in an instance.
XmlSchemaCollection Contains a cache of XML Schema definition language (XSD).
XmlSchemaCollection.SchemaKey Key that identifies a schema in a collection, composed of a targetNamespace and a system ID.
XmlSchemaCollectionEnumerator Supports a simple iteration over a collection.
XmlSchemaComplexContent Class that represents the complex content model for complex types.
XmlSchemaComplexContentExtension Class for complex types with a complex content model derived by extension.
XmlSchemaComplexContentRestriction Class for complex types with a complex content model that are derived by restriction.
XmlSchemaComplexType Class for complex types.
XmlSchemaContent An abstract class for schema content.
XmlSchemaContentModel An abstract class for the schema content model.
XmlSchemaContentProcessing Provides information about the validation mode of any and anyAttribute element replacements.
XmlSchemaContentType Enumerations for the content model of the complex type.
XmlSchemaDerivationMethod Provides different methods for preventing derivation.
XmlSchemaDocumentation Class that specifies information to be read or used by humans within an annotation.
XmlSchemaElement Class for elements.
XmlSchemaEnumerationFacet Class for defining enumeration facets.
XmlSchemaExternal An abstract class.
XmlSchemaFacet Abstract class for all facets that are used when simple types are derived by restriction.
XmlSchemaForm Indicates if attributes or elements need to be qualified or left unqualified.
XmlSchemaFractionDigitsFacet Class for defining fractionDigits facets.
XmlSchemaGroup Class that defines groups at the schema level that are referenced from the complex types.
XmlSchemaGroupBase An abstract class for XmlSchemaChoice, XmlSchemaAll, or XmlSchemaSequence.
XmlSchemaGroupRef Class used within complex types that defines the reference to groups defined at the schema level.
XmlSchemaIdentityConstraint Class for the identity constraints: key, keyref, and unique elements.
XmlSchemaImport The class to import schema components from any schema.
XmlSchemaInclude Class to include declarations and definitions from an external schema.
XmlSchemaKey Identifies a key constraint.
XmlSchemaKeyref Identifies a keyref constraint.
XmlSchemaLengthFacet Class for defining length facets.
XmlSchemaMaxExclusiveFacet Class for defining maxExclusive facets.
XmlSchemaMaxInclusiveFacet Class for defining maxInclusive facets.
XmlSchemaMaxLengthFacet Class for defining maxLength facets.
XmlSchemaMinExclusiveFacet Class for defining minExclusive facets.
XmlSchemaMinInclusiveFacet Class for defining minInclusive facets.
XmlSchemaMinLengthFacet Class for defining minLength facets.
XmlSchemaNotation Class represents a notation.
XmlSchemaNumericFacet Abstract class for defining numeric facets.
XmlSchemaObjectCollection An object collection class to handle XmlSchemaObjects when collections are returned from method calls.
XmlSchemaObjectEnumerator An enumerator class to walk the XmlSchemaObjectCollection collections.
XmlSchemaObjectTable A collection class that provides read-only helpers for XmlSchemaObject objects.
XmlSchemaParticle Base class for all particle types.
XmlSchemaPatternFacet Class for defining pattern facets.
XmlSchemaRedefine Allows simple and complex types, groups, and attribute groups from external schema files to be redefined in the current schema.
XmlSchemaSequence Requires the elements in the group to appear in the specified sequence within the containing element.
XmlSchemaSerializer Convert from the XML Schema class representation to the standard XML representation.
XmlSchemaSimpleContent Class for simple types and complex types with a simple content model.
XmlSchemaSimpleContentExtension Class for simple types that are derived by extension.
XmlSchemaSimpleContentRestriction Class for simple types that are derived by restriction.
XmlSchemaSimpleType Class defines a simple type that determines the information and constraints for the values of attributes or elements with text-only content.
XmlSchemaSimpleTypeContent Abstract class for simple type content classes.
XmlSchemaSimpleTypeList Class for the list of simpleType elements.
XmlSchemaSimpleTypeRestriction Class for the restriction of simpleType elements.
XmlSchemaSimpleTypeUnion Class for the union of simpleType elements.
XmlSchemaTotalDigitsFacet Class for defining totalDigits facets.
XmlSchemaType The base class for all simple types and complex types.
XmlSchemaUnique Identifies a unique constraint among a set of elements.
XmlSchemaUse Indicator of how the attribute is used.
XmlSchemaWhiteSpaceFacet Class for defining whiteSpace facets.
XmlSchemaXPath Class for XML Path Language (XPath) expressions.
XmlSeverityType Represents the severity of the validation event.

Exception Summary
XmlSchemaException Returns detailed information about the schema exception.
XmlSchemaSerializer.XmlSchemaSerializerException Exception class used for serialization problems.

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