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Methods in that return NamespacePrefixList
 NamespacePrefixList XmlSchemaCollection.getNamespaceContext()
          Retrieve the namespace context.
 NamespacePrefixList XmlSchema.getNamespaceContext()

Methods in with parameters of type NamespacePrefixList
 void XmlSchemaCollection.setNamespaceContext(NamespacePrefixList namespaceContext)
          Set the namespace context for this collection, which controls the assignment of namespace prefixes to namespaces.
 void XmlSchema.setNamespaceContext(NamespacePrefixList namespaceContext)
          Sets the schema elements namespace context.

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Classes in that implement NamespacePrefixList
 class NamespaceMap
 class NodeNamespaceContext
          Implementation of NamespaceContext, which is based on a DOM node.

Methods in that return NamespacePrefixList
 NamespacePrefixList NamespaceContextOwner.getNamespaceContext()
          Returns the objects namespace context.

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