Class IdentityDecoder

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IdentityDecoder
extends Object
implements EntityProcessor

Entity processor that processes HTTP identity transfer encoding.

Constructor Summary
IdentityDecoder(int contentLength)
Method Summary
 boolean process(Stream stream)
          Process data from the stream.
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Constructor Detail


public IdentityDecoder(int contentLength)
Method Detail


public boolean process(Stream stream)
Description copied from interface: EntityProcessor
Process data from the stream. The contract of this method is the same as for StreamFilter.invoke(Stream), except for the return value.

Specified by:
process in interface EntityProcessor
stream - the stream containing the entity to process
true if the end of the entity has been reached. In this case, the implementation must set the current position in the stream to the position just after the last byte being part of the entity.

false otherwise

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