The Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code or documentation, while others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

The team is comprised of Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of a project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. Get involved today. All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.


The following is a list of developers with commit privileges that have directly contributed to the project in one way or another.

azeezAfkham AzeezPMC member
aslomAleksander SlominskiPMC member
amilasAmila SuriarachchiPMC member
veithenAndreas VeithenPMC member
anilAnil SaldanaPMC member
antelderAnthony ElderPMC member
bimarguliesBenson MarguliesPMC member
nagyBill NagyPMC member
iasChangshin LeePMC member
coheigeaColm O hEigeartaighPMC member
damithaDamitha KumaragePMC member
dkulpDaniel KulpPMC member
dchappellDavid ChappellPMC member
davidillsleyDavid IllsleyPMC member
deepalDeepal JayasinghePMC member
gdanielsGlen DanielsPMC member
ipsIan SpringerPMC member
jaliyaJaliya EkanayakePMC member
gaworJarek GaworPMC member
barrettjJeff BarrettPMC member
jochenJochen WiedmannPMC member
hawkeyeJohn HawkinsPMC member
keithcKeith ChapmanPMC member
kstamKurt StamPMC member
nandanaNandana MihindukulasooriyaPMC member
nandikaNandika JayawardanaPMC member
pzfPaul FremantlePMC member
rhoeggRyan HoeggPMC member
sagaraSagara GunathungaPMC chair
scampSal CampanaPMC member
mederSam MederPMC member
rubysSam RubyPMC member
samindaSaminda AbeyruwanPMC member
samisaSamisa AbeysinghePMC member
sanjivaSanjiva WeerawaranaPMC member
sankaSanka SamaranayakePMC member
snicholScott NicholPMC member
hemapaniSrinath PereraPMC member
stevelSteve LoughranPMC member
susanthaSusantha KumaraPMC member
tomjTom JordahlPMC member


There are no contributors listed for this project. Please check back again later.