Class X509SubjectPublicKeyInfo

  • public class X509SubjectPublicKeyInfo
    extends DERDecoder
    Represents the X.509 SubjectPublicKeyInfo for a public key, as specified in RFC3280/5280:
     SubjectPublicKeyInfo  ::=  SEQUENCE  {
           algorithm            AlgorithmIdentifier,
           subjectPublicKey     BIT STRING  }
     AlgorithmIdentifier  ::=  SEQUENCE  {
           algorithm               OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
           parameters              ANY DEFINED BY algorithm OPTIONAL  }
    • Constructor Detail

      • X509SubjectPublicKeyInfo

        public X509SubjectPublicKeyInfo​(PublicKey key)
                                 throws WSSecurityException
        Construct a SubjectPublicKeyInfo for the given public key.
        key - the public key.
        WSSecurityException - if the public key encoding format is not X.509 or the encoding is null.
      • X509SubjectPublicKeyInfo

        public X509SubjectPublicKeyInfo​(byte[] x509EncodedPublicKey)
                                 throws WSSecurityException
        Construct a SubjectPublicKeyInfo for the given X.509-encoded public key.
        x509EncodedPublicKey - the public key, in X.509 DER-encoding.
        WSSecurityException - if the encoded public key is null.
    • Method Detail

      • getSubjectPublicKey

        public byte[] getSubjectPublicKey()
                                   throws WSSecurityException
        Get the subjectPublicKey element of the SubjectPublicKeyInfo.
        the X.509-encoded subjectPublicKey bit string.
        WSSecurityException - the DER-encoding is invalid.