Interface SpnegoServiceAction

    • Method Detail

      • setTicket

        void setTicket​(byte[] ticket)
        Set the ticket to validate
      • setServiceName

        void setServiceName​(String serviceName)
        The Service Name
      • setUsernameServiceNameForm

        void setUsernameServiceNameForm​(boolean isUsernameServiceNameForm)
        If true - sets the SPN form to "username"
        If false(default) - the SPN form is "hostbased"
        isUsernameServiceNameForm - the isUsernameServiceNameForm to set
      • run

        byte[] run()
        Validate a service ticket
        Specified by:
        run in interface PrivilegedAction<byte[]>
      • getContext

        GSSContext getContext()
        Get the GSSContext that was created after a service ticket was obtained