Interface SOAPConstants

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    SOAP11Constants, SOAP12Constants

    public interface SOAPConstants
    extends Serializable
    An interface defining SOAP constants. This allows various parts of the engine to avoid hardcoding dependence on a particular SOAP version and its associated URIs, etc.

    This might be fleshed out later to encapsulate factories for behavioral objects which act differently depending on the SOAP version, but for now it just supplies common namespaces + QNames.

    • Field Detail


        static final SOAP11Constants SOAP11_CONSTANTS
        SOAP 1.1 constants - thread-safe and shared

        static final SOAP12Constants SOAP12_CONSTANTS
        SOAP 1.2 constants - thread-safe and shared
    • Method Detail

      • getEnvelopeURI

        String getEnvelopeURI()
        Obtain the envelope namespace for this version of SOAP
      • getHeaderQName

        QName getHeaderQName()
        Obtain the QName for the Header element
      • getBodyQName

        QName getBodyQName()
        Obtain the QName for the Body element
      • getRoleAttributeQName

        QName getRoleAttributeQName()
        Obtain the QName for the role attribute (actor/role)
      • getNextRoleURI

        String getNextRoleURI()
        Obtain the "next" role/actor URI
      • getMustUnderstand

        String getMustUnderstand()
        Obtain the "next" role/actor URI