Class WSHandlerConstants

  • public final class WSHandlerConstants
    extends ConfigurationConstants
    This class defines the names, actions, and other string for the deployment data of the WS handler.
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        public static final String HANDLER_ACTIONS
        This is an alternative to specifying an "action" String. This Object should be a list of HandlerAction objects, which associate an "action" Integer with a corresponding SecurityActionToken object. This allows for more control over keys etc. used for different actions.
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        public static final String USE_ENCODED_PASSWORDS
        Set the value of this parameter to true to treat passwords as binary values for Username Tokens. The default value is "false". This is needed to properly handle password equivalence for UsernameToken passwords. Binary passwords are Base64 encoded so they can be treated as strings in most places, but when the password digest is calculated or a key is derived from the password, the password will be Base64 decoded before being used. This is most useful for hashed passwords as password equivalents.
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        public static final String RECV_RESULTS
        The WSHandler stores a result List in this property.
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      • SEND_SIGV

        public static final String SEND_SIGV
        internally used property names to store values inside the message context that must have the same lifetime as a message (request/response model).
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      • getKeyIdentifier

        public static Integer getKeyIdentifier​(String parameter)
        Get the key identifier type corresponding to the parameter. This is intended for internal use only. Valid values for "parameter" are: - "IssuerSerial" - "DirectReference" - "X509KeyIdentifier" - "Thumbprint" - "SKIKeyIdentifier" - "KeyValue" - "EmbeddedKeyName" - "EncryptedKeySHA1"
        parameter -
        the key identifier type corresponding to the parameter