Class SecurityHeaderReorderProcessor

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    public class SecurityHeaderReorderProcessor
    The basic ordering (token dependencies) is given through the processor order but we have more ordering criterias e.g. signed timestamp and strict header ordering ws-policy. To be able to sign a timestamp the processor must be inserted before the signature processor but that means that the timestamp is below the signature in the sec-header. Because of the highly dynamic nature of the processor chain (and encryption makes it far more worse) we have to order the headers afterwards. So that is what this processor does, the final header reordering...
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        action, actionOrder, securityProperties
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      void init​( outputProcessorChain)  
      void processEvent​( xmlSecEvent, outputProcessorChain)  
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        addAfterProcessor, addAttributes, addBeforeProcessor, createAttribute, createCharacters, createCharacters, createCharactersAndOutputAsEvent, createCharactersAndOutputAsEvent, createEndElement, createEndElementAndOutputAsEvent, createNamespace, createStartElementAndOutputAsEvent, createStartElementAndOutputAsEvent, doFinal, getAction, getActionOrder, getAfterProcessors, getBeforeProcessors, getPhase, getSecurityProperties, outputAsEvent, outputDOMElement, securePartMatches, securePartMatches, setAction, setPhase, setXMLSecurityProperties
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      • SecurityHeaderReorderProcessor

        public SecurityHeaderReorderProcessor()
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        public void init​( outputProcessorChain)
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        public void processEvent​( xmlSecEvent,
                          throws XMLStreamException,