Apache XML-RPC supports XML-RPC introspection, as specified by http://scripts.incutio.com/xmlrpc/introspection.html. This page describes how to configure the XML-RPC server for introspection.

What is introspection?

Introspection is the servers ability to provide metadata to the client. The client may ask "What method names does the server offer?", "How do I invoke method 'foo'?", or "Can you give me help on method 'foo'?".

The client does so by invoking the special methods "system.listMethods", "system.methodSignature" and "system.methodHelp". These are described in detail in the non-official specification for XML-RPC introspection, which you'll find at http://scripts.incutio.com/xmlrpc/introspection.html.

How do I configure the server for introspection?

The server requires a special mapping. Basically, you simply add a "system" handler, which is implemented by the class XmlRpcSystemImpl. Here's how you would do that in the XmlRpcServlet:

    public class MyXmlRpcServlet extends XmlRpcServlet {
                protected XmlRpcHandlerMapping newXmlRpcHandlerMapping()
                        throws XmlRpcException {
                        PropertyHandlerMapping mapping =
                            (PropertyHandlerMapping) newXmlRpcHandlerMapping();

Quite similar, you would override a protected method, if you prefer using the WebServer class:

    public class MyWebServer extends WebServer {
        public MyWebServer(int pPort) {

                protected XmlRpcStreamServer newXmlRpcStreamServer(){
                        XmlRpcStreamServer xmlRpcStreamServer = new ConnectionServer();
                        PropertyHandlerMapping mapping = (PropertyHandlerMapping) xmlRpcStreamServer.getHandlerMapping();
                        return xmlRpcStreamServer;