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Packages that use OMNamedInformationItem Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API.   

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Subinterfaces of OMNamedInformationItem in
 interface OMAttribute
          Interface OMAttribute
 interface OMElement
          A particular kind of node that represents an element infoset information item.
 interface OMSourcedElement
          Element whose data is backed by an arbitrary Java object.

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Subinterfaces of OMNamedInformationItem in
 interface OMElementEx
          Interface that is used internally by Axiom and that should not be considered being part of the public API.

Uses of OMNamedInformationItem in org.apache.axiom.soap

Subinterfaces of OMNamedInformationItem in org.apache.axiom.soap
 interface SOAPBody
          An object that represents the contents of the SOAP body element in a SOAP message.
 interface SOAPEnvelope
          Interface SOAPEnvelope
 interface SOAPFault
          An element in the SOAPBody object that contains error and/or status information.
 interface SOAPFaultClassifier
          Common superinterface for SOAPFaultCode and SOAPFaultSubCode.
 interface SOAPFaultCode
 interface SOAPFaultDetail
          The Detail element information item is intended for carrying application specific error information related to the SOAP Body .
 interface SOAPFaultNode
 interface SOAPFaultReason
 interface SOAPFaultRole
          The Role element information item identifies the role the node was operating in at the point the fault occurred.
 interface SOAPFaultSubCode
 interface SOAPFaultText
 interface SOAPFaultValue
 interface SOAPHeader
          Interface SOAPHeader
 interface SOAPHeaderBlock
          An object representing the contents in the SOAP header part of the SOAP envelope.

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