Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API.


Interface Summary
OMAttachmentAccessor This interface is applied to objects that can access attachments.
OMAttribute Interface OMAttribute
OMComment Interface OMComment
OMConstants Interface OMConstants
OMContainer Captures the operations related to containment shared by both a document and an element.
OMDataSource Interface to arbitrary source of XML element data.
OMDataSourceExt Interface to a backing object that can can be read and written as XML.
OMDocType Interface OMDocType
OMElement A particular kind of node that represents an element infoset information item.
OMEntityReference Represents an unexpanded entity reference in an XML document.
OMFactory Class OMFactory
OMInformationItem Represents an information item in an XML document.
OMMetaFactory Object model meta factory.
OMMetaFactoryLocator Used internally by OMAbstractFactory to locate the OMMetaFactory for a given feature.
OMNamedInformationItem Represents an information item that has a name, more precisely a namespace URI, a local name and a prefix.
OMNamespace A namespace binding specifying a namespace prefix and a namespace URI.
OMNode Defines the base interface used by most of the XML object model within Axis.
OMProcessingInstruction Interface OMProcessingInstruction
OMSerializable Information item that can be serialized (written to an XML stream writer) and deserialized (retrieved from an XML parser) as a unit.
OMSerializer Interface OMSerializer
OMSourcedElement Element whose data is backed by an arbitrary Java object.
OMText Represents character data in an XML document.
OMXMLParserWrapper Interface OMXMLParserWrapper
OMXMLStreamReader Objects returned by OMElement.getXMLStreamReader may implement this interface
QNameAwareOMDataSource Optional interface implemented by OMDataSource implementations that have knowledge about the local name, namespace URI and/or namespace prefix of the element they represent.

Class Summary
OMAbstractFactory Provides instances for object model and meta factories.
OMOutputFormat Formats options for OM Output.
OMXMLBuilderFactory Provides static factory methods to create various kinds of object model builders from different types of input sources.
OMXMLStreamReaderConfiguration Defines additional configuration options for OMContainer.getXMLStreamReader(boolean, OMXMLStreamReaderConfiguration).

Exception Summary
NodeUnavailableException Exception indicating that a requested node cannot be returned because it is no longer available.
OMException Class OMException
OMHierarchyException Thrown if an object model operation would lead to a hierarchy that is not allowed in the given object model implementation.

Package Description

Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API.

In particular, this package defines interfaces for the information items identified by the XML Information Set W3C Recommendation:

SectionInformation itemInterface
2.1 Document information item OMDocument
2.2 Element information item OMElement
2.3 Attribute information item OMAttribute
2.4 Processing instruction information item OMProcessingInstruction
2.5 Unexpanded entity reference information item Not supported
2.6 Character information item OMText
2.7 Comment information item OMComment
2.8 Document type declaration information item OMDocType
2.9 Unparsed entity information item Not supported
2.10 Notation information item Not supported
2.11 Namespace information item OMNamespace

The package also contains a set of super-interfaces that define common properties and operations shared by several information items: OMSerializable, OMNode and OMContainer.

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