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Packages that use SOAPFactory Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API.   

Uses of SOAPFactory in

Methods in that return SOAPFactory
 SOAPFactory OMMetaFactory.getSOAP11Factory()
          Get the OM factory instance for the SOAP 1.1 infoset model.
static SOAPFactory OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP11Factory()
          Get the default SOAP 1.1 OM factory instance.
 SOAPFactory OMMetaFactory.getSOAP12Factory()
          Get the OM factory instance for the SOAP 1.2 infoset model.
static SOAPFactory OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP12Factory()
          Get the default SOAP 1.2 OM factory instance.

Methods in with parameters of type SOAPFactory
 SOAPModelBuilder OMMetaFactory.createSOAPModelBuilder(StAXParserConfiguration configuration, SOAPFactory soapFactory, InputSource rootPart, MimePartProvider mimePartProvider)
          Create an MTOM aware object model builder.

Uses of SOAPFactory in

Methods in with parameters of type SOAPFactory
static SOAPHeaderBlock ElementHelper.toSOAPHeaderBlock(OMElement omElement, SOAPFactory factory)
          This is a method to convert regular OMElements to SOAPHeaderBlocks.

Uses of SOAPFactory in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder

Subinterfaces of SOAPFactory in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder
 interface SOAPFactoryEx
          Interface that is used internally by Axiom and that should not be considered being part of the public API.

Methods in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder that return SOAPFactory
 SOAPFactory StAXSOAPModelBuilder.getSOAPFactory()

Constructors in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder with parameters of type SOAPFactory
MTOMStAXSOAPModelBuilder(SOAPFactory soapFactory, XMLStreamReader reader, MimePartProvider mimePartProvider)
MTOMStAXSOAPModelBuilder(XMLStreamReader parser, SOAPFactory factory, Attachments attachments, String soapVersion)
StAXSOAPModelBuilder(XMLStreamReader parser, SOAPFactory factory, String soapVersion)

Uses of SOAPFactory in org.apache.axiom.ts.soap

Fields in org.apache.axiom.ts.soap declared as SOAPFactory
protected  SOAPFactory SOAPTestCase.altSoapFactory
protected  SOAPFactory SOAPTestCase.soapFactory

Methods in org.apache.axiom.ts.soap that return SOAPFactory
abstract  SOAPFactory SOAPSpec.getAltFactory(OMMetaFactory metaFactory)
abstract  SOAPFactory SOAPSpec.getFactory(OMMetaFactory metaFactory)

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