Apache Axiom 1.2.12 Release Note

Axiom 1.2.12 contains fixes for the following JIRA issues:

  • [AXIOM-63] - OMXMLStreamReaderValidator incorrectly reports mismatched END_ELEMENT events
  • [AXIOM-305] - Need OMElement.getNamespaceURI() convenience method
  • [AXIOM-354] - Potential class loader leak caused by the thread local in org.apache.axiom.util.UIDGenerator
  • [AXIOM-356] - OMElement#resolveQName implementations use incorrect algorithm to resolve unprefixed QNames
  • [AXIOM-358] - OMStAXWrapper#hasNext may return incorrect value
  • [AXIOM-359] - OMProcessingInstructionImpl incorrectly trims the value passed in the constructor
  • [AXIOM-364] - Unnecessary cast to byte while scanning for first MIME boundary
  • [AXIOM-365] - Add ConcurrentModificationException support to iterators