Apache Axiom 1.2.14 Release Note

Axiom 1.2.14 contains fixes for more than twenty JIRA issues as well as lots of other improvements.

Changes in this release

Upgrade of Woodstox

Woodstox 3.2.x is no longer maintained. Starting with version 1.2.14, Axiom depends on Woodstox 4.1.x, although using 3.2.x (and 4.0.x) is still supported. This may have an impact on projects that use Maven, because the artifact ID used by Woodstox changed from wstx-asl to woodstox-core-asl. These projects may need to update their dependencies to avoid depending on two different versions of Woodstox.

DOOM factories are now stateless

In contrast to previous versions, the OMFactory implementations for DOOM are stateless in Axiom 1.2.14. This makes it easier to write application code that is portable between LLOM and DOOM (in the sense that code that is known to work with LLOM will usually work with DOOM without changes). However, this slightly changes the behavior of DOOM with respect to owner documents, which means that in some cases existing code written for DOOM may trigger WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR exceptions if it uses the DOM API on a tree created or manipulated using the Axiom API.

For more information about the new semantics, refer to the Javadoc of DOMMetaFactory and to AXIOM-412.

Removal of deprecated classes from core artifacts

Several deprecated classes have been moved to a new JAR file named axiom-compat and are no longer included in the core artifacts (axiom-api, axiom-impl and axiom-dom). If you rely on these deprecated classes or get NoClassDefFoundErrors after upgrading to Axiom 1.2.14, then you need to add this new JAR to your project’s dependencies.