Interface IntersectableAssertion

All Superinterfaces:
Assertion, PolicyComponent

public interface IntersectableAssertion
extends Assertion

Assertions that need special consideration to implement the intersection algorithms should implement this interface. If an assertion does not implement this interface, the intersection algorithm will just check the qname of the assertion as well as the contained policy if the assertion implements the PolicyContainingAssertion interface. This is adequate for most use cases and per spec, but this interface allows an assertion to possibly consider special attributes or other details to determine the behavior for the intersection.

Method Summary
 Assertion intersect(Assertion assertion, boolean strict)
 boolean isCompatible(Assertion assertion, boolean strict)
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equal, getType

Method Detail


boolean isCompatible(Assertion assertion,
                     boolean strict)


Assertion intersect(Assertion assertion,
                    boolean strict)

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