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Packages that use PolicyRegistry

Uses of PolicyRegistry in org.apache.neethi

Classes in org.apache.neethi that implement PolicyRegistry
 class PolicyRegistryImpl
          Provides a default implementation of PolicyRegistry interface.

Fields in org.apache.neethi declared as PolicyRegistry
protected  PolicyRegistry PolicyBuilder.defaultPolicyRegistry

Methods in org.apache.neethi that return PolicyRegistry
 PolicyRegistry PolicyRegistryImpl.getParent()
 PolicyRegistry PolicyBuilder.getPolicyRegistry()
          The PolicyEngine can have a default PolicyRegistry that the Policy objects that it creates are setup to use when normalize is called without the PolicyRegistry.
 PolicyRegistry Policy.getPolicyRegistry()

Methods in org.apache.neethi with parameters of type PolicyRegistry
 Iterator<List<Assertion>> Policy.getAlternatives(PolicyRegistry reg)
protected static Policy AbstractPolicyOperator.normalize(Policy policy, PolicyRegistry reg, boolean deep)
 PolicyComponent PolicyReference.normalize(PolicyRegistry reg, boolean deep)
          Returns normalized version of the Policy that is referred by self.
 Policy Policy.normalize(PolicyRegistry reg, boolean deep)
          Returns a normalized version of self.If deep is set false then the assertions are not normalized and it returns a partially normalized version of self.
 void PolicyRegistryImpl.setParent(PolicyRegistry parent)
 void PolicyBuilder.setPolicyRegistry(PolicyRegistry reg)
 void Policy.setPolicyRegistry(PolicyRegistry reg)

Constructors in org.apache.neethi with parameters of type PolicyRegistry
Policy(PolicyRegistry r)
Policy(PolicyRegistry r, String ns)
PolicyRegistryImpl(PolicyRegistry parent)
          Constructs a PolicyRegistryImpl with the specified PolicyRegistry as it's parent.

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