Class MultipartContentFilterFactory

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MultipartContentFilterFactory
extends Object
implements ContentFilterFactory

ContentFilterFactory implementation that handles multipart/related. It delegates to a different content filter factory for individual MIME parts.

Constructor Summary
MultipartContentFilterFactory(ContentFilterFactory parent)
Method Summary
 StreamFilter[] getContentFilterChain(javax.activation.MimeType contentType)
          Get a new filter (chain) for the given content type.
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Constructor Detail


public MultipartContentFilterFactory(ContentFilterFactory parent)
Method Detail


public StreamFilter[] getContentFilterChain(javax.activation.MimeType contentType)
Description copied from interface: ContentFilterFactory
Get a new filter (chain) for the given content type.

Specified by:
getContentFilterChain in interface ContentFilterFactory
contentType - the content type
the filters to apply to the content or null (or an empty array) if no filter should be applied

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