Interface XmlRpcTransportFactory

All Known Implementing Classes:
XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory, XmlRpcLite14HttpTransportFactory, XmlRpcLiteHttpTransportFactory, XmlRpcLocalStreamTransportFactory, XmlRpcLocalTransportFactory, XmlRpcStreamTransportFactory, XmlRpcSun14HttpTransportFactory, XmlRpcSun15HttpTransportFactory, XmlRpcSunHttpTransportFactory, XmlRpcTransportFactoryImpl

public interface XmlRpcTransportFactory

Interface of an object creating instances of XmlRpcTransport. The implementation is typically based on singletons.

Method Summary
 XmlRpcTransport getTransport()
          Returns an instance of XmlRpcTransport.

Method Detail


XmlRpcTransport getTransport()
Returns an instance of XmlRpcTransport. This may be a singleton, but the caller should not depend on that: A new instance may as well be created for any request.

The configured transport.

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