Package org.apache.xmlrpc.common

Interface Summary
ServerStreamConnection Interface of an object, which is able to provide an XML stream, containing an XML-RPC request.
TypeConverter A TypeConverter is used when actually calling the handler method or actually returning the result object.
TypeConverterFactory A TypeConverterFactory is called for creating instances of TypeConverter.
TypeFactory A type factory creates serializers or handlers, based on the object type.
XmlRpcHttpConfig Interface of a configuration for HTTP requests.
XmlRpcHttpRequestConfig Extension of XmlRpcClientConfig for HTTP based transport.
XmlRpcRequestProcessor Interface of an object, which is able to process XML-RPC requests.
XmlRpcRequestProcessorFactory Interface of an object, which may be used to create instances of XmlRpcRequestProcessor.
XmlRpcStreamConfig Interface of a configuration for a stream based transport.
XmlRpcStreamRequestConfig Interface of a client configuration for a transport, which is implemented by writing to a stream.
XmlRpcStreamRequestProcessor An instance of XmlRpcRequestProcessor, which is processing an XML stream.
XmlRpcWorker An object, which executes requests on the controllers behalf.

Class Summary
LocalStreamConnection Implementation of ServerStreamConnection for use by the XmlRpcLocalStreamTransport.
TypeConverterFactoryImpl Default implementation of TypeConverterFactory.
TypeFactoryImpl Default implementation of a type factory.
XmlRpcController A common base class for XmlRpcServer and XmlRpcClient.
XmlRpcHttpRequestConfigImpl Default implementation of a request configuration.
XmlRpcWorkerFactory A factory for XmlRpcWorker instances.

Exception Summary
XmlRpcExtensionException This exception is thrown, if an attempt to use extensions is made, but extensions aren't explicitly enabled.
XmlRpcInvocationException This exception is thrown, if the server catches an exception, which is thrown by the handler.
XmlRpcLoadException This exception is thrown, if the clients or servers maximum number of concurrent threads is exceeded.
XmlRpcNotAuthorizedException This exception must be thrown, if the user isn't authenticated.

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