Package org.apache.xmlrpc.parser

Interface Summary
TypeParser Interface of a SAX handler parsing a single parameter or result object.

Class Summary
AtomicParser Abstract base implementation of TypeParser for parsing an atomic value.
BigDecimalParser Parser for BigDecimal values.
BigIntegerParser Parser for BigInteger values.
BooleanParser Parser for boolean values.
ByteArrayParser A parser for base64 elements.
CalendarParser Parser for integer values.
DateParser Parser for integer values.
DoubleParser Parser for double values.
ExtParser Base class for parsing external XML representations, like DOM, or JAXB.
FloatParser Parser for float values.
I1Parser Parser for byte values.
I2Parser Parser for short values.
I4Parser Parser for integer values.
I8Parser Parser for long values.
LongParser Parser for long values.
MapParser TypeParser implementation for maps.
NodeParser A parser for DOM document.
NullParser SAX parser for a nil element (null value).
ObjectArrayParser Parser for an array of objects, as created by ObjectArraySerializer.
RecursiveTypeParserImpl Abstract base class of a parser, that invokes other type parsers recursively.
SerializableParser A parser for serializable objects.
StringParser Parser implementation for parsing a string.
TypeParserImpl Abstract base implementation of a TypeParser, for derivation of subclasses.
XmlRpcRequestParser A SAX parser for an XmlRpcClient's request.
XmlRpcResponseParser A SAX parser for an XmlRpcServer's response.

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