Class XmlRpcRequestProcessor

  extended by org.xml.sax.HandlerBase
      extended by org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpc
          extended by org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcRequestProcessor
All Implemented Interfaces:
DocumentHandler, DTDHandler, EntityResolver, ErrorHandler

public class XmlRpcRequestProcessor
extends XmlRpc

Process an InputStream and produce an XmlRpcServerRequest. This class is NOT thread safe.

Andrew Evers, Hannes Wallnoefer, Daniel L. Rall

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new instance.
Method Summary
 XmlRpcServerRequest decodeRequest( is)
          Decode a request from an InputStream to the internal XmlRpcRequest implementation.
protected  void objectParsed(java.lang.Object what)
          Called when an object to be added to the argument list has been parsed.
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Constructor Detail


public XmlRpcRequestProcessor()
Creates a new instance.

Method Detail


public XmlRpcServerRequest decodeRequest( is)
Decode a request from an InputStream to the internal XmlRpcRequest implementation. This method must read data from the specified stream and return an XmlRpcRequest object, or throw an exception.

is - the stream to read the request from.
ParseFailed - if unable to parse the request.


protected void objectParsed(java.lang.Object what)
Called when an object to be added to the argument list has been parsed.

Specified by:
objectParsed in class XmlRpc
what - The parameter parsed from the request.

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