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Uses of AsyncCallback in org.apache.xmlrpc

Fields in org.apache.xmlrpc declared as AsyncCallback
(package private)  AsyncCallback XmlRpcClient.CallData.callback

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc with parameters of type AsyncCallback
 void XmlRpcClient.executeAsync(java.lang.String method, java.util.Vector params, AsyncCallback callback)
          Generate an XML-RPC request and send it to the server in a new thread.
 void XmlRpcClient.executeAsync(XmlRpcClientRequest request, AsyncCallback callback)
 void XmlRpcClient.executeAsync(XmlRpcClientRequest request, AsyncCallback callback, XmlRpcTransport transport)
(package private)  void XmlRpcClient.XmlRpcClientAsyncThread.executeAsync(XmlRpcClientRequest request, AsyncCallback callback, XmlRpcTransport transport)
          Execute an XML-RPC call and handle asyncronous callback.

Constructors in org.apache.xmlrpc with parameters of type AsyncCallback
XmlRpcClient.CallData(XmlRpcClientRequest request, AsyncCallback callback, XmlRpcTransport transport)
          Make a call to be queued and then executed by the next free async thread

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