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Uses of XmlRpcContext in org.apache.xmlrpc

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc that implement XmlRpcContext
 class DefaultXmlRpcContext
          A basic context object that stores the userName, password and handler mapping.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc that return XmlRpcContext
protected  XmlRpcContext XmlRpcWorker.defaultContext(java.lang.String user, java.lang.String password)
          Factory method to return a default context object for the execute() method.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc with parameters of type XmlRpcContext
 byte[] XmlRpcServer.execute( is, XmlRpcContext context)
          Parse the request and execute the handler method, if one is found.
 byte[] XmlRpcWorker.execute( is, XmlRpcContext context)
          Decode, process and encode the response or exception for an XML-RPC request.
 java.lang.Object ContextXmlRpcHandler.execute(java.lang.String method, java.util.Vector params, XmlRpcContext context)
          Return the result, or throw an Exception if something went wrong.
 java.lang.Object MultiCall.execute(java.lang.String method, java.util.Vector params, XmlRpcContext context)
 java.lang.Object SystemHandler.execute(java.lang.String method, java.util.Vector params, XmlRpcContext context)
          Execute a <ignored>.
protected static java.lang.Object XmlRpcWorker.invokeHandler(java.lang.Object handler, XmlRpcServerRequest request, XmlRpcContext context)
          Pass the specified request to the handler.
 java.util.Vector MultiCall.multicall(java.util.Vector requests, XmlRpcContext context)

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